An update

We listened. We learned. We have a new appreciation for the word seva and we won’t be changing our name after all. We’re sorry for our mistake.

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To continue owning up to our mistake, we decided to keep our original announcement live. We didn’t want to delete it as if it never happened.  We want to keep working in public, and this is just another part of our lesson.

Let’s chat.

You’re a creator.

That’s right– you’re a creator even if you don’t think of yourself that way.

You might be a writer, a photographer, a teacher, a chef, a woodworker, a podcaster– the list goes on. But regardless of how you identify yourself, what all of these roles have in common is that they are creators.

And creators want to create.

You don’t want to spend your time on marketing tactics or figuring out how to make what you do turn into money. That stuff just distracts from the real work - the work you love.

All creators experience this tension between time spent creating and time spent turning what we create into money that supports our families. Because without the money, there is no way to earn a living doing work you love.

Our team is no different.

Each one of us could tell you a story about how we felt stuck doing work we didn’t believe in. Or how we spent years trying to get a business off the ground only to be crushed by stress and close it down. Or how we took a big risk and left our 9-5 gig to double down on the dream we just couldn’t put away.

This is personal for us because, while we are a software company, we’re creators too.

So yeah, we could think of our job as just making software but we’d rather think of our job more holistically– as helping you earn a living.

In fact, that’s our mission: We exist to help creators like you earn a living doing work you care about.

From coming up with your first (or next) business idea to making your first product to selling what you make, we’re there in the background supporting you through the journey.

It’s more fun that way, but it’s also our competitive advantage.

There are hundreds of email softwares you could use to power one of the most important parts of your business: building, connecting with, and selling to your audience. But how many of those companies have gone all in on helping you reach your goal of earning a living as a creator? Not many.

Why is that? Well, for one it’s the harder way to do business. It calls for more heart, soul, and compassion than most tech companies are able to give. This kind of caring is intense in the best ways possible.

And second, they play the same game with the same rules of success. It’s a game of robotic help replies, acquisitions, and price gouging. It’s a focus on quantity instead of quality; on quick turn around instead of investment.

But we don’t play by the same rules as everyone else.

We play by rules that help us help you:

  • Will this help creators earn a living? - When we set priorities, we run them through this single filter. If we have a project on the table but realize it won’t help you earn a living, we cut it.
  • Always invest in building world-class software - Software is the best way we can think of to help you power your business, and we’ll stay focused on building the best email marketing software in the world for creators like you.
  • Help our creators spend less time on email, more time on creating - We don’t do feature wars. If all you care about is features, you might not be the right customer for us. Instead, we focus on the 80/20 features that help you get great email marketing done as fast as possible so you can get back to creating.
  • Education is our marketing strategy - We’re not looking for the next trick to get you to buy our software, we’re investing heavily in the education you need to make a living as a creator. From our blog, to courses, to future video and podcast shows, we’re all in on education as marketing.
  • We will always be 100% independent - No investors, no outside capital, just a bootstrapped and scrappy group of people who care.
  • We invest our profits in things that matter - Since we’re independent, we can invest our profit in the people and priorities we believe in most. We invest in profit sharing for the team; an annual conference to help creators build community; storytelling through in-depth documentaries, case studies, and books; giving to local charities that move important causes forward in the communities where we live and play; and of course, we continue to invest profits back in the business to help us get better at what we do everyday: helping creators earn a living.
  • We care more - When you email our support team, all you have to do is say, “I need help” and we’ll be tripping over each other to be the first to solve the problem for you. When you want a new feature, schedule a call and we’ll take your request seriously. When you need to learn something new in your business, ask us if we have a resource and we’ll send it right back. When you’re part of our family, we treat you like family.

These rules, well, ConvertKit as a name just doesn’t do them justice. ConvertKit doesn’t capture the mission we’re on to serve you.

We needed a new name. Something that captures how much we care about you and how much you care about serving your audience.

So we’re taking a second chance on a first impression.

As of today, ConvertKit is now Seva.

Our new name is inspired by the Sanskrit word meaning "selfless service" and the Hindi word meaning "service". We can’t imagine a more appropriate description for how you’re building your business or what we’re here to do as a company.

We’re playing a different game because we believe the future belongs to creators. The creators who believe selfless service is how we all win. And we’re all in on building that future together.

Today is day one all over again. And we couldn’t be more excited to keep serving you.

Let’s go.

– The Seva Team

Our New Logo

When creating the Seva logo, we looked to our creators for inspiration. What we found was a mix of mechanical and visual, amateur and expert, educational and inspirational.

The balance of all these created a proportionate cycle resembling the golden ratio.

Found all over nature and developed through mathematics, this ratio became the perfect visual representation of the intersection of creating- the technician and the artist.

Starting with crisp precision and finishing in a brush stroke to show the broad range of creators we serve, the Seva logo emphasizes harmony and proportion.

From painters to coders, filmmakers to authors, and designers to teachers, every creator can see a part of themselves in the Seva logo.

Seva Stories

The idea of Seva and selfless service can mean something different to everyone who hears it. We think it stands for all the creators out there passionately working to make the internet a better place.

Our mission is to make those creators the hero. They are the ones working late nights, long weekends, and sacrificing personal time to serve their audience. The way they care about people constantly makes us want to up our game.

Who does that for you?

Use #sevastory and nominate a creator who’s showing up every day to make the internet a better place for the chance for you and that creator to win a 30 minute strategy session with our founder, Nathan.